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No One.

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Saw you standing there, looking so forlorn and sad, knew our paths had crossed for a reason. Thought
that reason was to lighten your burden, tell a silly joke, make you smile. So up to you I went, smiling
widely, and told possibly the worst joke ever created. Yet through the magic that is the power of
Universal Love first you began to grin, then chuckle, then laugh hysterically, so did I, till tears were
streaming down both of our faces. After the giggling subsided, you thanked me. I however felt the
thanks should be mine, because that is what we incarnate on earth to do. To be there for each
other, to see someone who may be suffering and lighten their burden. To share smiles, laughter and
unconditional love wherever we happen to be.

© Robin L Lello 2012

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Peace in my presence is what I create today. I inspire those around me to think and act in
peaceful ways. No discord can affect my
deep sense of serenity and peacefulness.
I bring calmness to every situation I encounter; peace is my mantra and my gift to the world.

Peace follows me

like the sun after the rain has gone.

Peace felt deeply in my soul causes all to be peaceful around me. Peace in my presence is what I create
♥ Robin ♥

Day 4 “I Promise…”

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Day 4 “I Promise…”
To live life stagnant, never changing or varying your routine is a little like a quiet, slow death.  Your mind, heart and soul thrives when you open up and learn, do or create new things. Each day, I promise to do something outside my normal “comfort zone” to grow and expand my knowledge, talents and life.  Care to join me? ♥ Robin ♥

Day 3 “I Promise”

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

“I Promise…” Day 3
So often we get so busy with the demands of every day life. Work, school, kids, housework, and on and on. How often do you take the time do do something, for the sheer love of doing it? Today I promise to do things I love, for no other reason than that I love doing them. Time spent doing something that makes your heart feel full is never wasted time. We all deserve to have “Me” time, schedule a date with yourself today, and do what you love.

♥ Robin ♥

Day 2 “I Promise…”

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Day 2 “I Promise…”
“I will see the beauty I am, Mind, Body and Soul.”
All too often we fall prey to the images society tells us are beautiful. Most of which are vastly different from the way we ourselves may be. This can lead to a vicious cycle of feeling unworthy, self denial and feelings of being ashamed. Today I release all judgments of myself and see the beauty I AM. No other is exactly like me, so no other in essence is as beautiful as me. All are beautiful, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today we see each other and ourselves as the beautiful spirits we are, unique, individual, perfectly whole, made in the image of the Divine, who is limitless beauty itself. ♥ Robin ♥

Day One I promise…

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Day 1:

Accepting and loving ourselves as we are, and as we are not.
Sometimes we can be the harshest critic of ourselves, finding fault, placing blame, picking apart every dream. We often treat ourselves in ways we would never accept being treated by another, or ways we would never treat another. So today Promise yourself, as I am promising myself, ” I will accept everything I am, and everything I am not.” ♥ Robin ♥



7 days of Promises…

Published September 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

7 days of Promises…
Starting a weekly theme on Thursday ..
The concept? Seven days of uplifting messages to shift your perspective into a more positive, healthy, happy, fulfilled you and me too! Promises you focus on, for yourself, posted daily. Let’s see what a difference seven days can make, shall we?

♥ Robin ♥

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