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Screams of delight fill the air

Published October 31, 2012 by scenickviewz

Screams of delight fill the air as children and adults alike both enjoy the frightening sights of the night. Of houses decorated with jack-o-lanterns glowing, spider webs with enormous residents and all kinds of eerie things going bump this night. Doorways open with ghosts and goblins handing out sweet treats to all who will not trick them. Get into the mood for some spooky fun, it is all in play, do not take life so seriously you forget what is real and what is illusory. Yes, some may look in askance upon the revelry of this seasons frolic, likening it to times of old. Embrace the ever deepinging night, awash in the glow of softly flickering candles, the air alive with the sounds of delighted souls filling their baskets, and hearts, with the merriment and innocent fun this day now has become.

♥ Robin ♥


I ♥ Halloween!!!

Published October 31, 2012 by scenickviewz


Apples coated in caramel, empty candy wrappers all around.

Enjoy the screams, the oohs and ahhs as trick or treaters parade

to town. Everyone festive, happy and having fun, time for pretend

ghosts and goblins to appear, a truly magical time of the year.

So dust off your childlike sense of play, create a costume, be

something different today! Howl at the moon, grow wings and fly,

for today Halloween night is nigh! ♥ Robin ♥

Windy Love…

Published October 30, 2012 by scenickviewz

Sweetly you run across my skin, raising the small hairs, making goosebumps rise on smooth flesh. Rumpling my hair, as you play your way down my neck, caressing my shoulders. I revel in the feeling of the night wind on my skin, rustling of branches overhead add to the illusion. In an instant I am both relaxed and wide awake, lulled into complacency yet with ever fiber of my being burning, longing for your touch, Hearing the sounds of the night a distant bird calling crickets playing a melody only other crickets will ever understand, smiling I gaze up into the glowing Orb above, its pale white light leaving as much in shadow as it illuminates. Words fail to describe the magic of this moment, the endless beauty to be found in your dark and chilling embrace. Swirler of leaves, shaking and making the palm trees sway in a rhythmic dance of love only you and the earth are truly a part of. The rest of us mere mortals stand and gaze in awe and wonder at your magnificent beauty.

ripples of connection

Published October 29, 2012 by scenickviewz


Touching one life spreads ripples of connection throughout human
kind.  One kind word, look or touch can make a difference in innumerable

ways. We never really get to where we are going alone, but through others.
Eyes of love full in their own being, softly shedding tears of joy for the
oneness of humankind.  Be the one who reaches out, be the one who is
reached.  Share ♥ Grow ♥ Love ♥ Live ♥  All without reservation, no holding
back or hesitation. ♥ Robin ♥

Keyboard Palette..

Published October 29, 2012 by scenickviewz


The keyboard is my easel the words my palette as I paint the
scenes in my mind. As varied as the hues in a rainbow, as soft as
spiders silk magic is spun, weaving a spell on all who chance by.
Unending gratitude so deeply felt for the source of all who is the
true fountain of your words. Humble and hushed beats the heart
in rhythm to the divine flowing like a cool, clear stream through
you. Allowing source to use you as a tool with the purpose of
aiding other travelers on this journey called life. ♥ Robin ♥


Published October 28, 2012 by scenickviewz


Some may annoy you and “rub you the wrong way” so to speak. However everyone you are put in contact with has a lesson to teach. Distance yourself from the immediate feelings, detach and look at the situation from an observer point of view. After detaching from your emotions you may see something different, or something that explains why you dislike this particular person, situation or event. Maybe the best lesson to be learned from “difficult” people is how to not buy into the feelings, and love them from the perspective of we are all human beings. That does not mean you like them, want to hand out with them or approve of their actions and ways of being. It just means you love yourself enough to give you the gift of letting go of annoyance and being o.k. with what is- and what isn’t. ♥ Robin ♥

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