My Memories of Seaside Heights New Jersey

Published November 3, 2012 by scenickviewz


It’s gone, and will never be the same. Oh the memories of my childhood, days spent running up and down those well worn boards. I can still here the sound in my mind, the only place it exists anymore. Ravaged by Sandy, boards broken and thrown like matchsticks, so many memories gone in an instant. The Ferris wheel where my parents met, still standing as a lone silent sentinel watching over a destructed wasteland. Gone too is the carousel where my father worked in the summers, spinning the ride and grooving out those polka tunes that still speak to me of fun and merriment. Each day in the summer I would go with him, a child’s paradise, all the rides, treats and fun available for the child of one of the guys, that worked behind the scenes to make the magic happen. It is with a sad heart I look upon these images, I have avoided them for long enough. For although the boardwalk may be no more, the memories still live on in my heart and dreams. A magical place, a distant time, the princess that was me ruled over her little kingdom full of lights, merry music and endless forms of delight. My trusty steed, named by me Black Beauty, had left the park years ago, sold off and replaced with a cheap version of what was once fit for a princess. Yet still I hope the fairy tale will begin anew, with rebuilt hopes and dreams of those yet to come. And once again my feet may know the echoing sounds of that special boardwalk ringing under my toes.
♥ Robin ♥

Seaside Heights Boardwalk
Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Jersey Shore Hurricane News


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