Allow what will be, that bright and shining star, to rise in the horizon of our lives.

Published November 13, 2012 by scenickviewz

Who we are today, this moment was created by the past, by lessons learned or not learned and by ways of being that may not serve us any longer.  One of the hardest things in life can be to let go of an idea, a person or situation that you are used to but at a soul level you know you have outgrown. Humans are creatures of habit, all to often bringing the bad habits of yesterday into today and creating a future based on what was rather than creating a vision of what will be.  While doing so is natural to a degree, it becomes unnatural when we stunt our growth and do not allow ourselves to spread our wings and fly.  When we realize we are behaving in this fashion the invitation is there to acknowledge, be grateful of and for and most importantly release what once was to allow what will be, that bright and shining star, to rise in the horizon of our lives. ♥ Robin ♥   


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