I am blessed to have been witness to some amazing miracles in my life

Published December 23, 2012 by scenickviewz

I am blessed to have been witness to some amazing miracles in my life, some at Christmas more often others not.  The one Christmas miracle that always comes to mind is the following tale, a true story.

For a number of years I was an assistant manager at a Toy store, a larger chain, no not the one you are probably thinking of, but as close as it Kan Be. 😉  As you can image this season in a toy store is.. hectic to say the least.  One afternoon I noticed an older couple, grandparents shopping for their grandchildren.  While straightening the aisle where they were shopping I could not help but overhear their conversation.  They were on very limited funds, both retired and trying to stretch a very small amount to cover a very large amount of Grand kids.  My heart went out to them, so I went to my manager, a great friend and awesome person herself, and told her the tale.  We proceeded to go into the back room and take out the boxes of clearance toys, mark them down even further, and load them in a cart.  We took the cart and offered first pick to the older couple.  The tears shone in all of our eyes as we watched them exclaim with delight over the new purchasing power their small sum of funds now had.  Going back to the cash register, I was smiling ear to ear through my tears.  Then a woman, obviously well dressed and well off financially asked me an odd question.  She asked if she bought a gift certificate was there any way for the receiver to know who purchased it.  I told her no.  So she purchased one for a decent amount and asked me to hold it at the register, she would be sending someone to pick it up.  Thinking that was odd, but not the oddest thing that can happen in a Toy store around Christmas I added the card to my safe and started helping other customers.  

In a few minutes I noticed the older couple standing by the register, looking around quizzically.  Going over to them, I offered my assistance.  The lady replied that a woman elegantly dressed came up to them in the aisle and told them to come see me at the register, that they had won a free gift certificate.  My team and I were amazed, both at the generosity of the nameless benefactor and at the witnessing of a miracle.  As I handed them the certificate, they looked at the denomination and their eyes grew wide.  “Now we can buy them ALL the presents we wanted to!” the woman exclaimed with delight.  For the second time that day there was not a dry eye to be found amongst the team behind the register.  With tears streaming down, one of us rang up their purchases, another of my associates was wrapping their presents with paper for them, as the lady had difficulty using her hands.  Presents wrapped, tied with bows, we sent another associate to help them home with their gifts.  They lived across the street and had walked over.  With three carts in tow, two of the happiest people I have ever seen in my life went home, looking forward to the joy on their grand-children’s faces.

As I stood there that day and sit here still today, I am awed and amazed by the events of that day.  I never did get any of their names, but they will be forever in my mind and heart, not just Christmas but for all time.  A miracle is like that, you never forget it.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  ♥ Robin ♥



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