. Sift through the messes, keep what is still desirable to you and toss out the rest, release it, let it go.

Published January 5, 2013 by scenickviewz

Cleaning out the clutter, the debris built up over time, both mentally and in the material world just plain feels good. Maybe not while you are doing it so much, it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you have not “kept house” very well. Take the time to go at your own pace, to focus on the most important pieces of “stuff” you want to release. Maybe it is lack of self love, feelings of unworthiness, or that overflowing junk drawer in the corner. Sift through the messes, keep what is still desirable to you and toss out the rest, release it, let it go. Old clutter can hold you back mentally and spiritually and also physically from allowing the abundant universe to provide your dearest desires. After all, a shiny new car cannot fit in a garage chock full of broken lamps, tools, toys and whatnot. Likewise a new love in your life cannot fit if your old relationships are taking up valuable space in your heart and mind. So do yourself an amazing favor, get rid of your outdated “stuff” and allow space for your deepest dreams to manifest. You deserve to live the life you want. You truly, absolutely with no hesitation or doubt do deserve it. Now go, start cleaning! ♥ Robin ♥



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