As we rest and relax today, the mind can wonder and wander to to past…

Published January 6, 2013 by scenickviewz

As we rest and relax today, the mind can wonder and wander to to past, very easily.  Missing those who have departed, dearly. At times like this it is helpful for me to realize they are still there, unseen to our mostly blind eyes, but felt with the crystal clarity of the soul.  Seeing in my minds eye love, love, love pouring down from above, each of us enraptured in a cocoon of love from those souls who will forever be connected to ours.  While it does not make the grief go away, nor the memories, it acts rather as a soothing balm applied over a festering wound.  Drawing out the poison, cooling the heated flesh and creating a healing where there was once a jagged scar.  Those who truly love us never really leave, they just are the forerunners, the greeters of the place we will one day be.  What gladdens them most?  Watching you enjoy this life, hearing your laugh, seeing you succeed, comforting you if you do not, going with you in spirit as you travel this earth.  So go and live life, not just for yourself, but to create joy in the very heavens above. ♥ Robin ♥  



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