souls who have come alive and awake, who are not afraid to sparkle and shine, and grin at the random stranger

Published March 7, 2013 by scenickviewz

Ever notice how when you grin at someone almost immediately they begin to grin back? Try it sometime, randomly while walking down the street, while in the store, just flash someone a grin. One that extends to more than your mouth one that includes your eyes.  Sure, some may look at you like ‘what is wrong with that person’? However in doing this ‘experiment’ myself I have observed more often than not the grin is returned, full force.  Sometimes even with a large amount of gratitude.   You see in that moment a connection is formed that can tell an individual they are not alone, someone, even a random stranger, cares enough to take a moment to make a difference.  For some that simple, yet imminently powerful, grin may be the only bright spot in their day.  Never underestimate the power each of us have to affect those around us and our surroundings.  We can choose to do this with love, or see the world as a dark and gloomy place.  It is still the same world, either way.  But your experience of it, can be measured in light years of difference.  So take a moment, grin, start with your reflection in the mirror at this moment.  See?  That sparkle in your eyes,  That is what the world needs.  More souls who have come alive and awake, who are not afraid to sparkle and shine, and grin at the random stranger just for the pure joy of seeing that sparkle reflected in another.  I am doing this now, can you feel it? ♥ Robin ♥



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