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I believe in miracles. They do not have to arrive pulled by Pegasi in a Golden Carriage laden with Angels.

Published July 31, 2013 by scenickviewz

I believe in miracles.  They do not have to arrive pulled by Pegasi in a Golden Carriage laden with Angels.  They most often arrive softly, with little or no fanfare, and many can be seen only in hindsight or felt with the heart. Be open and expect that miracles are real, commonplace and bound to happen in your life.  For some, simply waking up in the morning, or another breath are miracles.  Change the way you view a miracle, and you will see them in some fashion everywhere. 

♥ Robin ♥



What is meant for you can never be lost.

Published July 30, 2013 by scenickviewz

What is meant for you can never be lost. Often in life we go around looking for things. For a partner, for peace, for wealth and so on. What if all we are seeking is already inside us? What if we switch to the viewpoint that we already have all we are looking for? Wealth does not necessarily translate to money as most would think. Many a miser is poor in all the things that truly matter in life. The only partner that will be with you from cradle to grave is you and the Divine. Your outer peace is a reflection of the peace felt inside. So in order to have in the outer realm what is ‘meant for you’ pay attention and nurture what is inside you. Listen to your intuition, your inner knowing, grow and tend to the garden that lives and breathes inside of you. Then your outer world will blossom with all the things created in your inner realm.

♥ Robin ♥


The only true obstacle to obtaining our dreams is our own thoughts

Published July 27, 2013 by scenickviewz

The only true obstacle to obtaining our dreams is our own thoughts.  Luckily it is one we can change.  It has been said before by those much wiser than me and will be said again by the same, change your thoughts, change your life.

♥ Robin ♥


Weekly FREE distant Reiki sending 9-11 pm EST.

Published July 25, 2013 by scenickviewz


Please share this event with friends if you are so inclined. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and will be sending FREE distant Reiki  on Thursdays starting at 9:00 PM ET.
You do not have to do anything special, be anywhere special, just be open to receive. Other Reiki Practitioners are welcome to join in the sending and of course receiving too.
Feel free to post a name on the event wall of a person, place or pet/wild animal or your wild animal pet! All are welcome!!

What is ReiKi?
Reiki is the Japanese word for “Spiritual life force energy”. Reiki is not a religion, or a new-age practice but is an ancient healing art from Japan.
Reiki practitioners do not heal, they merely act as a channel for this Life force energy.

It is also not intended to take the place of traditional medical practices, but to compliment them.

Reiki will instinctively go where it is needed, Mind, Body and Spirit. It is gentle, non-invasive and free for the soul to refuse at any time.
Robin L. from Scenick Viewz

Tonight I wish to focus on patience and peace. Ofttimes in life things happen, or do not happen, and we are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions or events. To have the patience and peace in order to go to the calm still place inside where we all truly reside is priceless. Namaste, friends.


Thankful for the little things that make life worthwhile

Published July 25, 2013 by scenickviewz

Thankful for the little things that make life worthwhile, for the touch of a friend, a warm loving smile.

For wet puppy kisses and warm kitty purrs. For friends and family near and far, for people who love

and accept you just as you are. Thankful for the stars above, the endless sky, the freedom to love.

Thankful for seeing the humor in life’s silliest guise, for laughter and joy, for the twinkle in your eyes.

Thankful for all of you reading these words that are both simple and true, for all that you say and all

that you do. 

♥ Robin 072512225422

it said that to plant a tree is to have hope in a future. What saying is there when you cut one down?

Published July 24, 2013 by scenickviewz

The mighty oak can grow from a quarter sized seed, over years, to provide shade, shelter and a home to countless birds and small animals, insects too.  Yet in less than 5 minutes this same tree growing for years can be cut down, killed and made into transportable sized logs.  I have heard it said that to plant a tree is to have hope in a future.  What saying is there when you cut one down?

  ♥ Robin ♥


I love you madly, passionately, without reserve or judgment.

Published July 23, 2013 by scenickviewz

I love you madly, passionately, without reserve or judgment. With
everything you do in life I am there to support you, cheer you on
and catch you if you fall. You are strong, wise, brave and deserve
only the best in life.
Now I invite you to look yourself in the mirror
today and repeat the above to yourself. In the whole world you
are the only one who will be with you 24/7. Shouldn’t you then be
your biggest fan?
♥ Robin ♥


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