Far from over this is, and I can feel my faith strengthening once more. I CAN make a difference. And I WILL.

Published August 4, 2013 by scenickviewz

I thought I could actually make a difference in this world. I truly believed that if you cared enough, loved enough, trusted and were giving the same would return to you in kind. Recent events have shattered my belief in myself, the inherent goodness in humans and even in Creator. Will this too pass? Not sure this time. It does seem as if the one who is the most conniving, the biggest liar, the best con artist, wins. At least at this moment that is how it seems. I am so very tired of doing the ‘right’ thing, only to have my hopes dashed again and again. My trust hangs by a gossamer thread. Still, it is a strong thread. My father taught me to abhor liars, that cheaters and liars are worthy of the utmost contempt. And I agree totally. I hope you can sleep soundly with your actions, decisions made by you and you alone, no matter who may have ‘influenced’ your thinking. There comes a time when to live with yourself you must look in the mirror and meet your own eyes. What will you see there?? I know what I see in mine. I see an indomitable spirit, a soul who refuses to give in and give up, I see a person who while far from perfect nonetheless does the best she can. And will continue to do so. The thin thread is growing stronger, even as I type these words. Far from over this is, and I can feel my faith strengthening once more. I CAN make a difference. And I WILL.



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