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So SHHHH!!! I am not simply doing nothing, I am merely practicing silence.

Published October 11, 2013 by scenickviewz

Sometimes silence speaks in the loudest voice of all.  There is more to be heard in the pauses between words as in the actual words themselves at times.  One form of silence I like is silencing the mind, the endless internal chatter that we all have, sometimes only fills our days thoughts with much ado about nothing, really.  When we silence the mind the voice of the soul, the inner knowing, can speak to us clearly.  There is much clarity to be gained in silence, much growth to be obtained by silencing our own thoughts daily, as a daily practice.  This alone can bring about incredible, positive changes in our lives.  So SHHHH!!! I am not simply doing nothing, I am merely practicing silence.  ♥ Robin ♥



Far from over this is, and I can feel my faith strengthening once more. I CAN make a difference. And I WILL.

Published August 4, 2013 by scenickviewz

I thought I could actually make a difference in this world. I truly believed that if you cared enough, loved enough, trusted and were giving the same would return to you in kind. Recent events have shattered my belief in myself, the inherent goodness in humans and even in Creator. Will this too pass? Not sure this time. It does seem as if the one who is the most conniving, the biggest liar, the best con artist, wins. At least at this moment that is how it seems. I am so very tired of doing the ‘right’ thing, only to have my hopes dashed again and again. My trust hangs by a gossamer thread. Still, it is a strong thread. My father taught me to abhor liars, that cheaters and liars are worthy of the utmost contempt. And I agree totally. I hope you can sleep soundly with your actions, decisions made by you and you alone, no matter who may have ‘influenced’ your thinking. There comes a time when to live with yourself you must look in the mirror and meet your own eyes. What will you see there?? I know what I see in mine. I see an indomitable spirit, a soul who refuses to give in and give up, I see a person who while far from perfect nonetheless does the best she can. And will continue to do so. The thin thread is growing stronger, even as I type these words. Far from over this is, and I can feel my faith strengthening once more. I CAN make a difference. And I WILL.


Thankful for the little things that make life worthwhile

Published July 25, 2013 by scenickviewz

Thankful for the little things that make life worthwhile, for the touch of a friend, a warm loving smile.

For wet puppy kisses and warm kitty purrs. For friends and family near and far, for people who love

and accept you just as you are. Thankful for the stars above, the endless sky, the freedom to love.

Thankful for seeing the humor in life’s silliest guise, for laughter and joy, for the twinkle in your eyes.

Thankful for all of you reading these words that are both simple and true, for all that you say and all

that you do. 

♥ Robin 072512225422

I invite you to close your eyes, open your heart and let the peace of the night wash away the day.

Published July 9, 2013 by scenickviewz

As our minds quiet for the day it allows us become present to
the inner longings of our collective soul. It urges us to be more
than we think we can be, to treat ourselves kindly, with love and
compassion. Not to give up or in to the demands of a hectic
world.  Going within we become renewed, restored and whole. Go
outside to sit under the stars and think of the ancestors who came
before us. One can almost hear the chanting in the wind, hushed
voices greeting the evening with reverence and love. I invite you
to close your eyes, open your heart and let the peace of the night
wash away the day.

♥ Robin ♥


Moments of grace in a life enjoyed living.

Published July 8, 2013 by scenickviewz

Taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the day.  Fleeting moments in time, gone so quickly, often unappreciated.  Moments of grace in a life enjoyed living.
¤ Robin ¤


The surface is illusion…

Published July 5, 2013 by scenickviewz

The surface is illusion it can change and does daily, sometimes even more often then that.  Look deeper see past the outside to what lies within.  It is in there you observe the truest Beauty.  ¤ Robin ¤

********Independence********** Definition:

Published July 4, 2013 by scenickviewz

1. Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
2. Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind.
3. Not determined or influenced by someone or something else

Can we in this day and age really claim independence?  When so much of our society is so very influenced by almost everything?  Some may even be influenced by the words they are reading now.  Mass media is a massive force for influence- companies spend millions of dollars every year to insure you are influenced to buy their products.  Others billions to influence the general population to believe a certain idea, value or belief is the ‘right’ way to be, think, do and act.  In my opinion, which is only that, an opinion, the way to independence lies in developing your own self- Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others. Think for yourself, believe only a fraction of what you see and accept as truth only a fraction of that.  Question your beliefs and what motivated you to believe it.  Be willing to release any belief that no longer serves your purpose, your highest calling or feels healthy for you.  Take back your financial independence by not buying into the idea that you ‘must have’ the latest- whatever. Take back your emotional independence by not allowing any influence which limits you or defines who you are to exist in your world.  Create an independent mind- one that is not controlled by anyone or anything, ever.  ♥ Robin ♥  


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