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Blessing something or someone with love can have amazing results.

Published July 1, 2013 by scenickviewz

Butterflies with golden wings, a little piece of a hollow log, two tiny stones from a riverbank and the worn out strap his faithful dog.  Once a tale was told that had these simple treasures of a small angel be chosen by the most high to become the brightest star in the sky.  Blessing something or someone with love can have amazing results.  What can you bless with love today in your life?

♥ Robin ♥



We are all here, together, have different skills that can make life better, easier, more cooperative and functional.

Published June 19, 2013 by scenickviewz

To someone skilled and trained in a particular doctrine it may seem a small thing; however to someone without those skills it is akin to a miracle.  We are all here, together, have different skills that can make life better, easier, more cooperative and functional.  Not only for your life but for those all around you.  Use your skills to benefit all, what may seem a small gesture can completely alter someones way of life in ways unimagined.  It all starts with communication.  Openly, clearly state what you desire to give or receive, and remain open for usually assistance originates from the last place you expected it would.  Then, show your gratitude, tell the person how much their assistance meant to you, and reciprocate in kind.  We may not be able to do all things individually, but together as a group we can change the world.  One life at a time. ♥ Robin ♥


be your own cheerleader, to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for all you do

Published March 5, 2013 by scenickviewz

Encourage yourself daily, in every way you can think of.  As children, hopefully, we received the support and encouragement from our family and friends.  This gives a person the grounded foundation to go for their dreams.  Some, however, were not so fortunate.  So we now get the opportunity  to develop the habit, a good one, of encouraging ourselves. Each day take a few precious moments to be your own cheerleader, to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for all you do.  If something does not go your way, focus on the lesson learned, the growth that was made possible by this happenstance.  Encouraging yourself can be the difference between making your dreams a reality, of making the spectacular vision you have for yourself come true.  Try it on, you are so worth it! ♥ Robin ♥



A dream of you, fading in the dawn leaves in it’s wake a lingering vision of peace. ♥ Robin ♥

Published November 14, 2012 by scenickviewz

A dream of you, fading in the dawn leaves in it’s wake a lingering vision of peace. ♥ Robin ♥

Please support your local animal rescue groups…

Published November 10, 2012 by scenickviewz

Life cannot be measured by it’s length, for many a long lived person is not celebrated due to actions while they were here. Many pass over too soon, leaving a legacy of love behind them. Some are like candles, burning brightly in the darkness for a very brief time, touching souls and uniting people in a common bond of love. Today I honor one of those, and the amazing sacrifices made every day by those who care for abandoned or unwanted pets. Rescue is a hard fact, there are too many animals and too few homes. The people who open their hearts and lives to these animals are a special breed, for it is not an easy task. I honor and respect all who live this daily life, heartbreaking sometimes and heart melting others. Some days not really sure which is which. Thank you for all the furry creatures that, while not able to speak, nonetheless communicate louder than thunder. Thank you for caring, for finding enough love in your heart to let go, for making this world a better place. Today my gratitude is for you.

♥ Robin ♥

How does your Garden grow?

Published November 10, 2012 by scenickviewz

Every gardener will tell you, some plants grow better than you ever expected, some you expected to grow whither and die.  Some will bear fruit, beautiful flowers and abundant vegetables.  Some of the sweetest berries grow on plants covered with thorns.  There are always weeds to uproot no matter how diligent you are.  But aside from the small successes and failures, when you step back and look at the whole view, the beauty can literally stun you and take your breath away. So in the end, is all the work worth it?  For me I have to say YES!  Keep sowing the seeds of love and eventually the garden of your soul will bloom in a thousand shades, bear unexpected fruit and leave you with more than enough to share with friends. ♥ Robin ♥

Guardian of this little dim lit world

Published November 4, 2012 by scenickviewz


In the softness of the night there is a small being who enjoys the solemn silence of the deepest reaches of the dark. Eyes blinking, seeing by light too faint for the human eye, this creature picks his way though the garden like it is full daylight. To his kind it is, for they only appear when most others have disappeared. Stopping to pause here and there, touching a flower, a leaf, an almost ripe vegetable, all gain strength with his magical work. Guardian of this little dim lit world, till the daylight comes anyway, he skilfully coaxes the vines to twine around the trellis. He nudges the fruit flowers to begin opening, the opened ones to begin bearing their sweet gifts. Nary a footprint mars the soil, for this being is as light as air and as solid as rock. As the new day begins dawning, the faintest glow sends him back to his home, to sleep the day away until once more his turn as steward of this garden begins with the falling of the night. ♥ Robin ♥

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